Monday, November 12, 2012

"Getting The Shot" - No Sense of Decorum

Media Behaviour Offensive?

Two years ago I noted with disdain the disrespect media types showed for the Remembrance Day Services at the Cenotaph. At that time there were no less than 6 different media types crawling all over the Cenotaph during the service looking for 'the shot'. I commented on this blog at the time that I hoped organizers would have a word with these press types to stay the hell off the cenotaph during the proceedings. It seems this year a few of the locals still just don't get it.

Before the service was underway, the local clown shooting for CTV had to be told no fewer than two times he was in the road, as where he had set up was to be occupied by one of the honor guards. Twice, he was told and twice he chose to continue shooting his 'panning the crowd' oblivious to the fact he was actually holding up the ceremony. The footage he took will likely end up on the cutting room floor as his station looks for the perfect shots to fill their extensive 15 second coverage of this solemn event.

Local print types were no more respectful as they seemed to think crawling around all over the cenotaph sticking their Nikons up peoples noses added something to the service. At one point one photographer thought his presence wasn't enough distraction so he decided to shoot with a flash, while another had no fewer than two lenses on the ground as she fumbled for the right lens for 'that perfect shot' that would propel her to media fame.

I sincerely hope whoever is in charge of organizing this service will make it clear in no uncertain terms that the cenotaph is strictly off limits while the Remembrance Day Services are in progress since a sense of decorum is something obviously lacking amongst the local press types.


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