Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Media Trusted Less Than Prime Minister

Only 6% Trust The Mass Media
Only 16% Trust Prime Minister
Only 17% Trust Canadian Parliament
Only 10% Trust Political Parties

A recent article in the Globe and Mail reporting on a survey by The Environics Institute indicates that only 6% of Canadians trust the mass media. The study also reveals that only 16% place 'a lot of trust' in the Prime Minister, 17% for Canadian Parliament, 10% for political parties and 6% for the mass media. This would put the mass media just slightly above pond scum when it comes to what Canadians think about how much they can trust what is reported.

It is interesting that the article in the Globe makes much about our lack of trust in our Prime Minister, while making little of what Canadians think about their contribution to a healthy, properly informed society. It could be that the once revered institution of the fourth estate is finally being recognized for the den of presstitutes it has become.

Accounts For Voter Apathy?

I don't know how much you can trust the results of this survey (might have been an interesting question to include) but it does appear to fit with the lack of faith most people seem to put in both elected officials and different political parties. It could be simply no longer trusting what different politicians of all stripes have to say is at the root of the appalling lack of participation in the democratic process we witness in Canada.

If you have lived here for a few decades and are paying any attention it is obvious that politicians say what they feel will get them elected and once in power they pretty much do as they please. This observation holds true even on the level of local civic politics. Remember promises of openness and transparency? Fiscal prudence?

If you were to distil the results of this survey down it would seem that people are finally awakening to the fact that regardless of how good they all sound, none of this self-appointed leaders or political parties really have any idea of the outcome of their policies and decisions. They are all just making this stuff up as they go.


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