Friday, November 16, 2012

Nanaimo Christmas Lights Contest Entry 2012

Spirit of Christmas Decorating Contest
Residential & Commercial Entries

It's hard to believe we are talking about the annual Christmas Lights contest again, but in another month and nine days, the Jolly Guy in the red suit will be sliding down the chimney again.

A popular event around Nanaimo at this time of year is the Christmas Decorating Contest sponsored by the Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce. If you would like to view their entry form for this year's contest it can be seen HERE

If you are a homeowner who would like to enter your home in this year's contest you can enter by simply calling 'Marilyn' at 250-716-6110 or you can fax the completed form to 250-756-1584 but the most convenient is to simply call Marilyn.

The deadline for entry is 4:00 PM on Friday December 14, 2012.

Commercial entries have to register no later than Dec. 7th with judging taking place on Dec. 11 & 12 this year.

Watch this space for the list of the winning entries in this years contest. Time to dig out the decorations and dust off Santa and his sleigh and make your house, the best on the block!

This Year's Residential Christmas Lights List 
WOW 34 Homes This Year!

5140 Hammond Bay Road
FIRST PLACE - 6262 Olympia Way - Nixon's (absolutely amazing)
6247 Olympia Way - Ed Mayers
McGirr - Candy Cane Lane
6060 Nelson Rd. (off Turner) - Hank Wouters
5683 Renata Lane - Steve Guizzo (off Turner Rd. R. on Carlton to Renata Lane
5152 Sam's Way Ron & Diane Brown (off Oliver Road)
3930 Rock City Rd. Jo-ann Drnasin
3096 Rock City Rd.
3666Cottleview Dr. - Kathryn Wilkins
887 Brookfield Dr.
HONOURABLE MENTION - 4311 Jingle Pot Rd. - Norm
2320 Whitney Road - Chris Bragg
HONOURABLE MENTION - 2172 Duggn Rd. - Duane Plested
2535 Holyrood R. Wilson's
520 Churchill - Geoff
THIRD PLACE - 1205 Townsite Rd. - Jennifer
921 Cadogan Street
SECOND PLACE - 2875 Shady Mile Way - Colleen Budd (Beautiful)
449 Renfrew St.
431 Selby St.
491 Howard Ave.
365 Howard Ave.
435 Fourth Ave.
886 Ney Drive (off Vista View to the right)
5994 to 6010 Icarus (4 homes in a row)
1675 Meredith Road
710 Hunter
1755 Harvest Place
5122 Kaitlyns Way
3425 Durin Road
363 Harwell Rd.
2177 Wren Place
3209 Cheyenne Place



  1. Will there be a map posted on this site for people that want to drive by and view the enteries?

  2. Still waiting for a reply on if there will be a map available for people to see entries???????

  3. How about an effin list of where they are?????

  4. Anger management much, jeez. Be patient!

  5. Happy HO HO HO to you too.......... the contest entry deadline was Dec. 14th, judging is the evening of Dec. 17th..... when I have the list of winners it will be posted....
    In the meantime, pile into the car and go for a drive, there are lots of great displays not on the Contest Winners list any way.

  6. we have been doing walking tours in divers lake area, some very cool yule houses!


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