Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nanaimo Gas Prices Still Outrageous

What's The Message We Are Sending?

The local gas cartel seem to be willing to single-handedly give Nanaimo a black eye with their practice of leading the Island when it comes to gas prices.

This past weekend a trip to Victoria once again pointed out how Nanaimo gas retailers are continuing to gouge the motoring public with impunity since they seem to have agreed among themselves not to compete. Too bad someone with the resources doesn't set about to prove that as it should be illegal.

Even Victoria, which traditionally was higher than Nanaimo was pumping for 110.9 when you remove their transit tax of two cents a litre.

An extra $4 or $5 dollars left at the gas pump is an extra $4 or $5 you don't have to spend someplace else and given the other stations on the Island are not run by Santa Claus it seems obvious Nanaimo operators continue to gouge out of simple greed.


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  1. On this boxing day I see some gas stations are a little lower - but still significantly higher than other places on the island - solution - wherever possible fill up elsewhere - or alternatively small amounts if you have to gas up in Nanaimo -it's all about volume -so if that goes down so will the prices. Anyone confirm the story about one owner of (too) many gas stations in Nanaimo ?


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