Monday, November 12, 2012

Nanaimo Thrift Stores & Consignment Shops

Thrift Stores Aren't What They Used To Be

Once upon a time many thrift stores were more or less final resting places for junk people no longer needed or wanted but in some ways just a little too good to take to the dump. That is no longer the case as thrift stores now offer the bargain hunter or recreational shopper a wide variety of quality goods for a fraction of the new cost.

If you are simply looking to stretch your budget in these days of challenging economics, or if your pulse increases at the mere idea of 'going shopping', thrift stores are just what the doctor ordered. For the serious recreational shopper who absolutely delights in finding a hidden gem tucked away in the corner of a thrift shop, this type of shopping can become a rewarding leisure time activity that can actually save you money rather than costing.

Another advantage of the thrift store, even if you make an impulse buy you are not likely to do any serious damage to your wallet and some stores will even allow returns in the form of exchanges rather than refunds.

While some of these enterprises are run as stand alone businesses, many of them are the fundraising arm of local charities and societies doing good work in the community. Regardless of the operating model, thrift stores have risen to a level of respectability where you can find quality merchandise for a fraction of the new cost. Who doesn't like a genuine bargain you can boast to your friends about, and getting more bang for your buck is one way of surviving difficult economic times.

Nanaimo has a wide variety of thrift stores and consignment shops just waiting to be discovered, which right now may have that exact treasure you have been looking for or a great new outfit for an important job interview. A new wardrobe for the kids? New work dudes for Dad's new job? Gifts for family and friends that won't break the bank? The list goes on and on with the shopping needs a modern day thrift store takes care of.

Are you still sitting there?? Shouldn't you be out bargain hunting, right now?


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