Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Top Ten Crime Prevention Tips

In recognition of Crime Prevention week in British Columbia, the Nanaimo RCMP have released their top ten crime prevention tips. Crime prevention is the responsibility of everyone. Incorporating these simple but effective tips will not only reduce your risk of being a victim of crime but also make your home and community safer.
  1. Report suspicious activity to the police. The police need your help in solving crime.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings and always be alert. Many crimes could easily be averted if only people recognized the early warning signs.
  3. Target harden your home. Look at it as if you were a criminal. Remove and eliminate opportunities to break in.
  4. Keep your property clean. It shows ownership and criminals will shy away from it.
  5. Have a monitored alarm installed.
  6. Lock your doors. Fifty percent of all car break ins and the majority of home break ins are through unlocked doors and windows.
  7. Keep valuables in your car out of sight. The old adage of out of sight out of mind applies here.
  8. Carry only what you need in your purse and wallet.
  9. Get to know your neighbors. Join or start a Block Watch. Go to to learn more.
  10. Do not provide any personal information to anyone who contacts you by phone or email


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