Sunday, December 02, 2012

40% Chance Calamity Will Strike Within 50Years

Engineers Say 40% Chance Nanaimo
 Will Be Devastated Within 50 Years!
Or Within The Next 10 Minutes!

That would be the headline you would take away from the conclusions being used to support the removal of the Colliery Lakes dams. If those estimates are to be believed then why are we not selling our homes now before they are but a pile of rubble? Remember, if they claim a 40% chance within 50 years, tomorrow falls within that timeline!

So according to this statement of probability since the next 30 seconds does indeed fall within the next 50 years, there is a 40% chance we can all kiss our asses goodbye in the next minute.

Whew...... got through that minute.......maybe the next.........whew got through that one also.......

If there is one thing the recent quake in Haida Qwaii proved, is that the scientific community is only capable of telling you what they 'think' happened after the fact. This idea you can predict with any certainty, where or when an earthquake will strike is smoke and mirrors. Predicting with any accuracy the level of damge to expect is also so much mumbo jumbo at best.

Nanaimo --- The Perfect Place To Live, Work, Play and Invest
With Only A 40% Chance Of Earthquake Destruction Next Week!

If you read the report that contains this quoted level of hazard used to support the destruction of the Colliery Lakes it says there 'could be' a 15% - 40% chance a quake would cause the dams to fail in the next 50 years. At the same time, staff say the dams are stable and there is no need for concern right now, even though according to this study there could be a 40% chance that dam-destroying quake could happen in the next 30 seconds!

Doesn't that also mean there is a 40% chance that our kids will be crushed to death in their schools when that same earthquake strikes? That too, 'could' happen within the next ten minutes. I suppose the same earthquake 'could' result in a tsunami that 'could' flood all of Nanaimo, or some of those old mine shafts crisscrossing the city 'could' open up and swallow buses whole.

But at least we can all rest, assured that our city hall staff will be safely working in their shiny new office, unless of course the killer quake happens when they aren't in the office but are perhaps in school watching their children's Christmas concert.


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  1. Good Point, emergency preparedness is a personal issue. The tv series prepers shows us how crazy it can get, and yet if ithappens, can you be too prepared? If we start city scapeing to prepare for the quake (or insert potential disaster here), where would it stop?


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