Saturday, December 22, 2012

Daily News Article Raises Questions

City Staff Proposing $100,000 Study

The Daily's scribe Tamara Cunningham reports in the Dec. 22nd issue of her paper that city hall staff are proposing spending $100,000 on an study to try and figure out how to extend the waterfront walkway.

The article states: The effort would be aimed at figuring out where the city should invest dollars for waterfront enhancement and how it can build an uninterrupted coastal link between Nanaimo River Estuary and Departure Bay."

The Question Raised

Considering the top ten managers at city hall are earning close to the $2,000,000.00 mark, is it really too much to expect them to be able to develop this plan all by themselves?

Here's an idea: let's put the $100,000.00 towards a core services review, which may tell us why all this high priced help seem to be challenged when it comes to developing plans. Like the $120,000 needed to develop a Strategic Plan.

Silly me, I thought these kind of challenges and levels of planning would have been well within the scope of the job skills $150,00.00+ staff bring to the job.


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  1. Regarding your reference to an independent review of core services, well before the municipal election of 2011, Brennan, (who was not on council at the time), publicized her views regarding the issue of an independent core review. She wrote that it was “code for privatization”. She keeps repeating that she is against bringing in consultants “who don’t know the community”. The valuable perspective of “outsiders” is long overdue.

    Does she not realize that it is quite apparent that she believes her role on council is to represent special interest groups only? Wonder if she has ever had to meet a payroll in the private sector?

    And why does this council spend so much time at council meetings listening to members of organized labour groups, who are not eligible to vote in Nanaimo?


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