Sunday, December 09, 2012

Doing Business In BC

New Amphibious Hippo Bus Makes Waves In Victoria

There is a new attraction on the Victoria waterfront thanks to a company which has moved here from Toronto Ontario.

The company operates three amphibious tour buses which operate on land and sea. Just as the name implies they can drive on city streets, and then head down the ramp and cruise around the harbour. They had operated in Toronto for 10 years but have moved west in hopes of capitalizing on the Victoria's reputation as a tourist destination.

They offer a 90 minute tour with the time equally split between land and water for $45 per person and will likely bring a bit of competition to the familiar pickle boats that ply the Victoria harbour.

The thing that caught my interest was a comment made by the owner with regards to setting up business in BC. He had hoped to be open for this past tourist season but had to climb up a 'water slide' of permits before he could open for business. He noted that in Ontario his company required 6 permits, while here in BC they required a total of 32 before they could open for business.

What's wrong with that picture??


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