Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fear Mongering & In-Secret Meetings

Worth Repeating . . . . .
Inventing Ways To Spend Taxes

The Following article appeared on this website last December. Pay attention to what this policy will add to YOUR taxes in the near future. Since when did a municipality set about upgrades that are not mandated by ANY level of senior government?

This council was so much putty in the hands of city staff last year (witness the shiny new office) that this is yet another strategy designed to insure the continued need of the local bureaucrats at city hall, who are no longer busy due to natural construction booms, so they are setting about to create one.

A skeptic might say the real motive is for the preservation of the bureaucracy, more than it has anything to do with public safety.

City Hall Will NEVER Stop Spending YOUR Money

I'm going out on a limb here and putting on my fortune tellers hat and gazing into my crystal ball as I put fingers to keyboard this day.

At the FPCOW meeting at city hall on Dec. 12, 2011 city hall staff presented the annual financial plan outlining the budget guesstimate for the next five years. Tucked away in the presentation is an item titled HSL (Higher Service Levels Requested) with the recommendation to fund "Seismic screening of City buildings"......... this is absolutely BRILLIANT and my hat is off to the senior bureaucrats at city hall with this one!!!

After finding out how easy it was to convince the last city council (five of which are incumbents) to build city staff a shiny new building because the existing one does not supposedly meet current seismic building standards a very creative method of growing the bureaucracy and having to raise and spend more taxes seems to have been devised.

The beauty of this new scheme is the fact the whole process whereby they can invent ways of needing to raise more taxes, employ more bureaucrats and engage in countless more studies and employ an army of more consultants, can all be done in secret away from public scrutiny through the much invoked 'in camera' process which city management and the old council have honed to a razors edge this past term!

Again, hats off to senior city hall managers for putting their heads together and coming up with a way to insure decades of work for themselves, and create reasons to levy and collect ever more taxes which will result in building programs needing oversight for years and years to come.

The taxpayers of Nanaimo can take confidence in the fact, their business is being overseen by such an astute city council and more than capable city hall management team, who were able to spend $16 million tax dollars on a shiny new office, using a questionable recommendation process, without ever having to make their decisions subject to public scrutiny.

This is the same team that gave us a $52 million conference centre (which should have included a hotel for that price) for the low low price of only $75 million! They also are the same group of capable managers who spent $16 million without ever going to public tender and have successfully kept all details hidden away from the public eye.

ALL ABOARD........the Seismic Screening EXPRESS will be leaving the station sometime in the new year...... courtesy of Mr. Kenning, Mr. Holmes and the 25th council of the city of Nanaimo.

PS: expect the spinning wheels at the local fourth estate to begin talking about the importance of public safety and the need to build or renovate all city buildings to insure public safety and of course the safety of our $60,000,000.00 city staff.


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