Friday, December 28, 2012

Good Deal For Taxpayers??

District Sells School For $150,000

An article in today's Daily News reports the School District (that is you and I) have agreed to sell an unused school to a theatre group for $150,000.00. The terms of sale are a very generous five year interest-free mortgage to help the theatre society close the deal.

A Few Questions For Jamie Brennan:
  • Is this anything close to market value for this property?
  • What is the assessed value of the land and building?
  • Was it appraised by anyone in the real estate business?
  • Are there any seismic standards conditions attached to this sale?
  • How much was the building leasing for?
  • Why is this a better deal than continuing to rent the property?
  • Is this a good deal for the taxpayer? 
  • If so, how?


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  1. And a final question: How can I (or other members of the public) find out about these fantastic deals and have a chance to bid on them ourselves!

    (sorry, I can't make it through the check-in at the bottom,that's why I post as Anonymous)


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