Saturday, December 22, 2012

High Risk Old Annex Still In Service

 Mayor & Legislative Services
Forced Into 'High Risk' Annex

The following statement is taken from an announcement on the city website with regards information about the opening of the new $16,000,000.00 annex:
"As part of the forthcoming renovations to the old City Hall Building, both the Mayor’s Office and staff belonging to the Legislative Services Department will be temporarily relocated to the City’s old Annex building at 238 Franklyn St."

In another statement from the city the following is offered as an explanation as to why the city had to give away the old annex for $1.00:

"In a report prepared by Herold Engineering, the building was identified as being at high risk during a significant seismic event."

So. let me get this straight a building which the city claims to be 'high risk during a seismic event' (even though that is not what the engineer said), was in such poor condition that not only did we have to build a new $16 million office for staff, but we had to make rules not contained in the building code, which resulted in this $4,000,000 building being worth nothing so we sold it for $1.00 ............... with me so far? But now we say it is OK for the Mayor and Legislative Services to use this HIGH RISK building while city hall is being renovated??

So. this presents us with several options when examining city hall logic:

  • the building never really was dangerous anyway, and the decision to spend $16,000,000.00 was based on the fact the building could be damaged in a seismic event (name a building which couldn't) as that sounds like a better reason than "staff wants a new playpen".
  • we can't let anyone else use the building as we have for years and years because then people might ask why we had to spend $16,000,000.00 for a new playpen
  • the building which is such a high risk so as we need a new $16,000,000.00 playpen and we could never allow anyone else use (in spite of it's $4 million value) is safe enough to house the Mayor and Legislative Services while we renovate city hall, which renovation was made necessary because the shiny new office didn't have enough room for all the city departments which had operated out of the 'high risk' annex for the past decades.

Really ............ You Can't Make This Stuff Up!
The Really Sad Part is That City Hall Thinks We Are Buying It!!


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