Sunday, December 02, 2012

How City Hall Really Works

Forgive the cynicism of the following but watching city hall for these past years has turned me from concerned citizen/taxpayer to completely cynical, grumpy old guy who realizes we have gotten the kind of governance we deserve by abdicating our responsibilities as the electorate. We have believed the carefully crafted tale of how civic politics works and have believed the fairy tale like the good little children we are.

The King and His lords Run Things,
Not The Elected Council

Council Are More Like Court Jesters
Don't You Know?

Once upon a time in a land far, far away I was told by my teachers how we were governed in this great democratic country. It was also instilled in me by the teachers of the day, that democracy depended not upon those elected and non-elected who govern, but rather it depends upon those given the awesome privilege of being able to have a voice in how they are governed.This privilege was not a right to be taken lightly but rather it was a duty which all members of a democratic society are required to participate in. It is a matter of civic duty and responsibilty and when we don't fulfil that duty we are letting ourselves, and our community down.

It would seem today, those basic principles are no longer being taught by our modern day teachers, whom the skeptic in me would think have a stake in maintaining the status quo as they go about with their experiments in social engineering of the future generations (boosting self-esteem is far more important than the 3-R's and cultivating critical thinking).

Meanwhile Back At Castle Nanaimo (aka City Hall)

The king (city manager) and his lords (senior managers) being well and fully shielded from public scorn or accountability proceed to rule their kingdoms according to their own wishes and desires, knowing of course that since the king rules by Divine appointment, it matters little what the peasants and knaves or court jesters consider in the matters of state.

Devising methods of extracting taxes from the peasants to fund the kings campaigns is a task assigned to his various lords and ladies, realizing it is a fine art to extract the maximum amount of feathers with the least amount of hissing from the goose.

One of the more important tasks in ruling over this kingdom is the ability to allow the peasants to think he is well and truly listening and considering their opinion. This charade is of course what keeps the masses pacified giving little reason for them to ever attend at court, which is held for public spectacle every other week or so.

Theatre Every Week or Two

The king having decided how many taxes he must extract to fund a variety of projects that have been given the royal nod only has to see that his jesters are well and thoroughly rehearsed before the dog and pony show (otherwise known as a council meeting) takes to the air.

It is during these little theatrical presentations when the king and his court explain to the masses why they will have to give up a little more this coming year in order to provide the king with the needed tax funding to support the expenses given royal favour. Usually, the greatest amount of these taxes are used to fund the king, his lord and ladies of the kingdom along with the army of workers privileged to work within the castle walls, directly under the king's protection.



  1. It's true. It actually makes me want to move away from this town. I'm so friggin frustrated with the City Hall's numbskulls.

  2. My feelings exactly, and very amusingly put. After living here for a few years, wondering why this gem, our City, is so grimy and unpolished, I have come to the same conclusion. The City government is to blame.

    Perhaps some responsibility for this mess can also be attributed to the the ignorant racism of Nanaimo residents despite all the phony invocations of blessings from First Nation Elders at the beginning of almost every ceremony, plus the ridiculous snobbery of North End residents in their silly McMansions.

    The rulings of King Ruttan are so predictable, and the outcries of us peasants so ignored, that I no longer feel motivated to waste my time on their pr "vision" workshops,council meetings and struggle to be heard.

    City Hall is not listening, and they don't care about us. I WILL however,continue to vote.


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