Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Location, Loction, Location

New Condo Project By Rail Yards

Arguably, I ain't no far sighted developer/planning guy but when I went to see the progress on the new condo on the site of Robins Gardens I had to wonder what the developer was seeing that I was missing. I know fully well what his bank account has that mine is missing!

The old expression about the most important elements of real estate are  location, location, location, which in this case seems to be lacking the location department. The condo is sited on what at one time was a showcase garden when owned by the local mining company manager but now is squarely sandwiched into what is best classified as semi-industrial.

There are light industrial operations in the immediate vicinity and the only thing obstructing the waterfront view are the rail yards with all the esthetics you would expect from an area that was the beating heart of the local economy, when coal and lumber was the king.


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  1. Sorry to see those beautiful and unique trees gone. But is it possible that this light industrial area can be relocated? It was done in Vancouver - resulting in the beautiful False Creek neighbourhood.


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