Friday, December 14, 2012

Multiplex Cheerleaders Just Warming Up??

City Buys Old Rail Yard
Everyone Chants The 'Multiplex Mantra'

One day after the city announces they have (maybe) bought 26 acres of downtown waterfront where the Wellcox Rail yards are located the drums immediately start beating out the Multiplex Mantra again.

The new Daily Snooze editor immediately points out the need to not let Comox Valley steal our thunder as they too are talking about building a multiplex. There are some all too familiar 'spins' associated with a multiplex that are reminiscent of the pitch that built the Port Theatre and the infamous conference centre. 'Build it and they will come', seems the common thread woven through the sales pitch meant to open taxpayers minds and wallets as powers in their towers invent more ways to keep the construction sector busy.

Sound Business Case? 
Let Private Business Build It And Reap The Rewards!

I have nothing but 110% support for seeing a private company, using private funds be given every co-operation to see they can build such a facility as quickly as possible. Tax concessions should be on the table, perhaps waiving DCC's etc., but under NO circumstances should the taxpaying residents of Nanaimo get roped into another deal like the convention centre.

If there truly is room in the marketplace for a facility that will draw people from all over the region by being able to host Las Vegas class acts, and world class circuses and support a WHL hockey team, then by all means bring it on! The only caveat being that the private sector bring it on, as they won't do it unless there is a sound business case to be made, unlike the brain trust at city hall.

I trust the business community to know exactly what they are doing, and if they feel we can compete with Victoria for example, then let them put up the dough and make it happen. However if, like the port theatre, conference centre, and cruise ship terminal, the multiplex is going to be spearheaded, funded and mismanaged by any level of  government; then we need to make sure that never happens.


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