Sunday, December 09, 2012

Nanaimo's Not-So-Good Statistic

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Nanaimo Ranked 12/100 Canada's Most Dangerous Cities

Maclean’s obtained annual crime data from Statistics Canada for municipal police services serving the nation’s 100 largest populations, each encompassing a city or town of at least 10,000 people. Using 2010 rates per 100,000 people for six crimes—homicide, sexual assault, aggravated assault, vehicle theft, robbery plus breaking and entering—in each area, Maclean’s calculated the percentage difference from the national rate. The overall crime score ranking for the 100 communities was created in consultation with StatsCan, using its Crime Severity Index (CSI) score and calculating the percentage difference from the national CSI score. Maclean's calculated the ratios by dividing population of the area by the raw number of crimes. Maclean's uses the names of the individual police services as used by Statistics Canada as the "city" name; some are edited for space.

*Percentage difference in overall CSI crime scores for a specific area between the two years shown. For some municipal police forces whose their boundaries and/or populations have changed significantly during those years, the data is no longer comparable and thus not provided by Statistics Canada.



  1. Wow, hard to believe we're more dangerous than Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto.

    In fact, I'm not sure if I DO believe it.

  2. I think one of the tricky things about these comparisons, is they are based on crimes per thousand population. In other words there could be more violent crimes in a year in a larger centre which reporting make it 'sound' more dangerous, yet when compared as a % of population it is lower than the smaller community which has far fewer crimes, but as a % is in fact higher.
    Like all statistics unless you drill down beyond the raw numbers, it is hard to tell what they really mean anyway.


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