Friday, December 21, 2012

Port Mann Bridge Was 'Engineered'

Oooops Back To The Drawing Board

A minor design flaw seems to have been revealed the other day when 'ice bombs' began falling from support cables on the new $2 billion Port Mann bridge.

Over 100 motorists have so far filed insurance claims which has seen damage as high as $6,000 on one single vehicle as chunks of ice smashed through windows on vehicles as they tried to cross the bridge.

In an example of gross understatement the minister of transportation said the situation was completely unacceptable! No Kidding!

In another example of gross understatement one of those 'expert' talking heads television news can always find, it was noted that if they had realized the bridge would have to be closed due to ice build ups they would never have chosen that design. As a wise man says "no sh*t Sherlock!".

In any case we can all rest assured because the bridge and all material used in it's construction were approved by fully licensed engineers and other construction professionals.


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