Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Who Advised Council To Buy Old Church?

Spent $500,000.00 On Building
Needs Another $1,000,000.00 To Repair!
Who Is Watching Tax Dollars At City Hall?

The purchase of this building was strongly opposed by Gary Korpan who was mayor of the day who publicly spoke very strongly against this decision which councillor Brennan thought was a 'small dollar amount'.

The actual decision was decided at one of those famous 'in camera' meetings and Mayor Korpan wrote a strongly worded letter to the editor urging the public to pressure the 'swing' votes on council to reverse the decision at the May 12, 2008 council meeting. Korpan was convinced it was pressure from the arts community which swayed the vote in favour of this purchase.

Describing the $460,000 purchase as a disgraceful matter, a total waste of tax dollars, bad public policy and idiocy Korpan pointed to several other venues that could be used in the city and the likelihood the buidling would be an never-ending source of expense.

That, as they say is history. But what is not so clear is who inspected this building and overlooked the fact it would need another $1,000,000.00 thrown at it within a few years? I wonder if it was the same company that at one point told the city the old annex was in good shape, to only a few years later declare it a deathtrap.

So, who at city hall seems to be demonstrating the ability to wisely invest tax dollars in real estate? More to the point, why has the city seemingly completely neglected this building to the point it is now in need of a one million dollar reno?


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