Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mayor Ruttan Had Wrong Information?

Daily News April 30, 2012

Thought Annex In Peril
With Even 'Slightest Shake'?

Mayor Ruttan is quoted in this article by Daily scribe Tamara Cunningham;

Mayor John Ruttan said there is risk and concern associated with the old annex, which is expected to crumble "with even the slightest quake."

This seems to represent a misunderstanding of the statement contained in the engineers report which refers to the seismic condition: "The assessment identified the City Hall Annex Building as at high risk for structural damage during a significant seismic event."

The same report says in summary:

"Upon review of the seismic condition of the building, we conclude that in a seismic event, there is a high risk of significant damage or partial collapse of this building occurring."

I have always been curious about the imprecise language used in this report one level of hazard is called a 'significant' seismic event, while another place gives no definition, simply refering to a 'seismic' event.

I have long wondered what building anywhere would not have a high risk of significant damage in a 'seismic' event, when you don't specify the magnitude of that event?

In either case there is nothing in this engineers report that indicate 'the slightest quake' would cause the old annex to crumble.

We now have the peculiar contradiction where Mr. Holmes is saying that characterizing the old annex as unsafe is not entirely accurate.

What is notable is the fact that under the current building code, this building did not require a seismic upgrade and Work Safe BC did not deem the building unsafe.

So, what is the unvarnished truth about this matter. Is the building truly so hazardous it had to be given away for $1 or was it perhaps worth the assessed value of $4,000,000.00?



  1. They wanted a shiny new toy. And they had a buddy in hand in the name of Windley Contracting who wanted to make the new toy. Win win for the city and windley. Lose for all the citizens of the city who have to pay for their abuse of our tax dollars and misrepresentation of the truth.

  2. I wonder how much the hospital would sell for. Funnily, there are hundreds of people in the hospital at any given time yet getting that decrepit old building up to code is not a priority.


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