Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An Irish Stampede

6.350 Working Holiday Visas Snapped Up In Two Days

Bleak economic circumstances in Ireland and the prospects of a brighter future in Canada resulted in 6,350 'working holiday' visas being picked up in only two and a half days. Last year in over five months the Canadian Irish embassy only handed out 5,350 visas.

An article in the National Post says that in the past the trend had been for mainly young backpackers wanting a working holiday in Canada, however this time the program has seen lawyers, engineers and architects looking to secure a chance at Canadian permanent residency.

Under the program which allows them to stay for 24 months, if during that time they are skilled and get the needed experience they can apply for residency. If they have no skills, and are not in a province with severe labour shortages, they will be sent home when the visa expires.

A short time ago the BC Construction industry went to Ireland in search of skilled workers to meet labour shortages here in our own province.


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