Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another Winter Day In Nanaimo

With a little over one month before the first official day of spring, residents of Nanaimo are beginning to grow weary of the long winter days where the temperature dips below ten degrees Celsius some days and where they have had to contend with snow for an entire day!

The above picture shows the harbour in the foreground with the tip of Newcastle Island on the left and the tip of Protection Island on the right and off in the distance the majestic mountains on the mainland.

Just another tough winter day in paradise in beautiful Nanaimo, the home of 'Infinite Possibilities'. If you're tired of winter in the rest of Canada, why not take a break and spend a week or two in one of the most delightful cities on Vancouver Island on Canada's west coast.

For help planning your winter getaway visit the Tourism Nanaimo website HERE.


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