Sunday, February 17, 2013

Do You Trust City Hall With A Hotel Deal?

Vacant Lot Site Of Proposed Hotel
 How Much Are They Willing To Give Away?

Has City Hall Demonstrated Development/Project Management Skills?

On the question of demonstrated development/project management skills being able to bring in a $52 million deal for a conference centre and hotel for only $75 million without a hotel, and paying a project manager $3 million to NOT build a hotel combined with the questionable conference centre management deal, raises enough red flags about city hall negotiating the construction of a downtown hotel to make one cringe.

There is no one either on this city council or employed by the city who in recent years has demonstrated any expertise in the project management business that would provide any level of comfort in them handling the much talked about hotel deal.

Missing Key In Successful Convention Business??

Says who? Where is one credible business plan or piece of market research that would support the idea that once a hotel is built next the conference centre, the conference business is gong to suddenly become successful? 

Where is one credible study that says another 150 rooms downtown are not simply going to dilute an already struggling industry all the more?


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