Friday, February 15, 2013

Harbour Authority Rejects City Council Appointee

An article in the Times Colonist would indicate that the Port Authority in Nanaimo is not the only one to draw the ire of some residents. In what appears a rather high-handed move the unelected Greater Victoria Harbour Authority rejected the person city council unanimously selected as their appointee to the board.

You can read the full article HERE which raises some of the same questions people in Nanaimo have been asking about how the Port Authority is taking or not taking care of the public asset which is our waterfront.

Note: I think a common misconception is that these authorities exist to serve the people, whereas they exist to serve themselves and they are in no tangible way responsible to the citizens of Canada who are in fact the owners of these assets. For example in Nanaimo it would seem the Nanaimo Port Authority has been so badly managing the docks of the inner harbour, that had a private company not come forward the docks would have had to be closed.


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