Monday, February 25, 2013

Korpan v Parkin Lawsuit Settled

Public statement regarding lawsuit settlement Korpan v Parkin

Tony Parkin has now fully retracted and apologized for his defamatory actions thereby concluding my lawsuit against him. (Attached is his letter of apology.) 

Now that the third of three of the core group behind the spreading of the slanderous, malicious lies against me, my family, the Office of Mayor, and the administration of the City of Nanaimo has, at long last, retracted the lies and apologized, this matter is ended. 

The harm caused by such malicious lies has had ramifications far wider and consequential than anyone can imagine, especially sadly for innocent bystanders. 

I wish to emphasize my gratitude to my mother, my family, friends, and colleagues who stood by me, I am eternally appreciative of your kindnesses and loyalty. 

Finally, contrary to the rumours, all costs involved in executing the civil lawsuits against the defamations were paid by me personally. No tax payer money has been used.

Gary Korpan

Follows is a copy of the letter from Mr. Parkin. Click Image To Enlarge



  1. I posted a comment yesterday that is critical but certainly not libelous by any stretch. Contrast that to Korpan's statement which sleazily suggests yet another party defamed him but of course goes no further -- because he can go no further. It seems to me that you're more than giving Korpan a pass by publishing his trash talk while failing to publish a response which would resonate with the many who are glad he is no longer presiding at city hall. This should inspire some critical reflection on your part...........

  2. I will post your comment if you are willing to sign it using your own name. In this case Mr. Korpan does have a lawsuit which supports his 'trash talk', which is something lacking in your comments.
    As for reflection, Mr. Korpan thought he was defamed,the other party did not, it went to court and was settled.
    IMHO the case is closed requiring no reflection on my part.


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