Monday, February 25, 2013

Mayor John Ruttan Doesn't Like Questions?

 Mayor Ruttan Thinks 'City Watchers' Ask
'Horrendous Number of Questions'

An article in the Daily News dated Feb. 19, 2013 quotes Mayor Ruttan as saying:
" I don't know that the public really understands how much money we are already spending on these city watchers with their horrendous number of questions".

The quote was in response to the news a new ratepayers association was being formed in Nanaimo to keep an eye on city hall.

Less Secrecy Would Mean Fewer Questions

Given Mayor Ruttan's councils reputation for conducting more and more city business in secrecy, the Mayor seems to miss the part he is playing in the need to ask more and more questions. The lack of willingness to release in-camera minutes after the need for secrecy has passed leads to a horrendous number of questions being raised, simply by the apparent desire to hide from public scrutiny.

Abusing the in-camera process and having a reluctance to release information after the need for secrecy has passed does absolutely nothing to engender trust in this city council or city hall management.

Colliery Dam Most Recent Example 

The meeting which arguably never should have been in-camera that resulted in the decision to remove the Colliery Park Dams is a most current example of this in-camera secrecy resulting in a deep suspicion of how this council conducts city business, and what kind of information staff supplied which led to this decision.

Two 'horrendous' questions that have never been answered was where did the cost of $30 million come from to replace the dams? Where did the 40% chance of failure in 50 years come from?

Mayor Ruttan and Mr. Kenning may find the horrendous number of questions inconvenient, but if they were not so eager to avoid public scrutiny the questions would not be necessary.


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