Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nanaimo Electronic Town Hall Meeting

Council Will Take Your Questions March 25, 2013

Although the exact format and details are still in the developing stages, the date for the first electronic town hall with Nanaimo City Council is planned for March 25, 2013.

This will give the Nanaimo electorate the chance to ask questions and tell Nanaimo City Council what you think of the current city budget and the proposed tax increases for the next five years.

This meeting is a regular City Council meeting and while the council will be dealing with a regular agenda, they will be making about one hour available to answer questions from the public.

There are several ways you may participate in the inaugural electronic town hall meeting:
  • In person by attending at Shaw Auditorium in the conference centre
  • Via Twitter or Facebook or email, live during the meeting
  • Via email in advance
  • Via telephone during the meeting
This type of meeting is almost a 'first anywhere' so being able to take guidance from another municipality was not an option, however, the most capable staff at city hall are more than up to the challenge and like in many areas, Nanaimo is once again on the cutting edge!


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