Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nanaimo Harbour Meeting Mar.4, 2013

Save Nanaimo Harbour
Town Hall Meeting

Monday, March 4 - 7:00 pm
Nanaimo Conference Centre
Mt. Benson Ballroom, Salon C

Come out and hear the latest on the fight to save Nanaimo's inner harbour and keep it as a working harbour with all it's flavour and character.

Do you want our current harbour with all it's charm and appeal, or a parking lot for a sea of sterile white fiberglass toys?



  1. i have to wonder about why there is being such a fuss over such a punny, insignificant patch of water by the federal government and a foreign company. i understand why it is important to the historic users, but why the federal government, its not as though the gov has alot of money invested in it, nor wishes to invest any more either, and i doubt they are planning to cover some of the national debt with the rent, not with the american $ at par, theres something fishy about this deal, why the rush to yanky domination of our port, first the cruise line dock facilities for foreign interests, then the closing of the rail freight , then the city buys a portion of the harbour side, now the inner harbour, such as it is, being taken over by foreign interests, without a request for possible interest by local, or at least Canadian business, after all, the property is owned by the Canadian gov., at least for the present time, what are we doing, has Nanaimo gone back to the old days, trading furs, now our water front, for blankets and beads again. There is a definite financial advantage to having the present facility remain as it is, operating as it does, as opposed to a few transciants randomly arriving during our few short summer months. The more i think about this, the smellier it gets.

  2. It would be such a shame to change one of the most beautiful walks in Nanaimo to a sterile non-interesting one. The harbor is not broke so don't fix it!

  3. as a member of a family that has held residence in Nanaimo for 5 generations, i ask the federal government to either put a price tag on the harbour and give the residence of Nanaimo, first option for either purchase or a lease. i have had 48 years of experience in the Hospitality and tourist business, and think an amalgation of the users, a coop, could come up with the money required to do what needs to be done, that would not only include the people on the dock, but the business's surrounding it. This would not only give the people of Nanaimo a say, but would keep the profits here in Nanaimo. that's what i think, and i'm sticking to it.


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