Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nanaimo Loses Musical Ride?

Can't Seat 1,000 People?

It is almost too ironic for words, that the day after the hardworking folk at Nanaimo Tourism unveil our new Tourism Strategy plan, we hear we lost an opportunity to host the famed RCMP Musical Ride.

In a letter to the local daily, Nanaimo Equestrian President Lesley Coultish reveals that due to the inability to provide seating for 1,000 to the event in August the event had to be cancelled.

The city was able to provide seating for 600, but the VIEX was apparently unwilling or unable to provide the other 400 seats.

Only in Nanaimo you say??


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  1. That's Ok Nanaimo - your residents can travel south to Duncan and enjoy the Ride on Friday Aug 16th at Avalon Equestrian Centre. Bring your lawn chair and sit close to the ring, or bring a blanket and sit on the rolling hillside and view the patterns from above. Not a bad seat in the place and the entrance to the ring is breathtaking.
    Tickets will be on sale by month end. Only $10 pp and family (2 adults, 2 childs under 16) $30 - children under 5 Free.


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