Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nanaimo's Latest Study Finally Arrives!

City Hall Finally Receives the Mother of All Studies!

What has long been suspected has finally happened at city hall, city staff with the approval of city council have received the study to explain and implement all other studies the Nanaimo taxpayer has funded this past decade.

Note: To be perfectly clear this is a bit of sarcasm/satire, the city is not really in receipt of the above study, although I suspect they would like to be.



  1. i don't agree, i think such a report would expose to much in the way of suppressed truth, falsified information, incomplete reports, exaggeration, misrepresented facts and truth, deciet and lies, in other words, would open the closet to alot of skeletons , the facts and memories of which, they would rather remain forgotten.

  2. they may not be in receipt of a study done in house, or by their so called peers, but i am engaged in a study of their studies and how they presented them and it only goes back six months, and this study has already revealed the possibility of supression of truth, falsefied information, distortion of facts, incomplete reports, contradictory reports, ignored facts, exaggeration, deceit, reports written to conform to, reports written in support of, reports in contradition of, presentations to report and then to support. the report i write of , in no way slanders anyone, it is simply a review of events, as they happened.

  3. Re: study of their studies ...... when you have something complete I would like to hear from you. Email


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