Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Tactic At City Hall??

Mayor Ruttan Thinks City Watchers Asking
"Horrendous Number of Questions"

In an article in today's daily there is a story of local resident Don Graham who has founded a Nanaimo Ratepayers Association to keep a closer eye on the business at city hall. Unreasonable tax hikes, unnecessary public projects, land speculation and hotel ownership issues are among concerns his group would address.

Mr. Graham points out that too many taxpayers are being kept in the dark about major financial calls until after decisions are made, and yet they are expected to foot the bill for these new expenditures.

Mayor Ruttan is quoted in the article as saying: " I don't know that the public really understands how much money we are already spending on these city watchers with their horrendous number of questions".

New Tactic? 
In an old and certainly not original tactic it seems city hall is choosing to "attack the messenger" instead of dealing with the message. This tactic once again shows an apparent disdain the folk at city hall have towards those who want to know how business is being done at city hall.

A simple way to avoid all these 'horrendous' number of questions would be to quit conducting so much of the city's business in secret, which does absolutely nothing to build trust in the current city council or city hall staff.

Given the way this council seems to favour the 'in-camera' meeting process, which I am sure is at the advice of Mr. Kenning, there is little doubt the administration at city hall have little use for public scrutiny of their decisions.


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