Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Parkway Accident Results In Violation Tickets

Several violation tickets under the Motor Vehicle Act have been issued to the 24 year old driver who caused an accident on the Nanaimo Parkway Friday morning February 22nd that sent two drivers to hospital and closed the highway for several hours.

The 24 year Nanaimo man was driving a 2008 Ford Ranger, and was charged with Drive Without Due Care which carries a fine of $368 dollars. He also provided a sample of his breath at the scene and recorded .055mgs. As a result, the New Driver was issued with a 24 hour prohibition under the Motor Vehicle Act and charged with Driving contrary to the restrictions of his license. That carries a fine of $109 dollars.

The 66 year old male driver of the Chevrolet Silverado sustained only minor injuries and was released from hospital later that day. The 20 year old male driver of the Volkswagon Jetta received significant injuries and remains in hospital recovering from his injuries.


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