Monday, February 18, 2013

Special OPEN Council Meeting

OPEN Meeting???

On the city website there is the notice of a 'Special Open Council Meeting' in the city hall board room at 411 Dunsmuir Street at 1:00 pm Feb. 18/2013.

Always on the lookout to see how city business is conducted I downloaded the agenda for this special OPEN meeting thinking I would like to attend.

That idea quickly disappeared as I read the agenda which consisted of adopting the minutes of the last meeting and then going 'in-camera' for the rest of the meeting. Incidentally the minutes which were adopted were of the last in-camera meeting which means they reveal nothing about how business is conducted either.

I guess technically the meeting is open, and I guess it is good the public is aware when these in-camera meetings are being held, but to call it an open meeting seems a little less than accurate.


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