Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tourism Nanaimo Rolls Out Strategic Plan

The Tourism Leadership Committee of Tourism Nanaimo introduced their Strategic Plan today; the culmination of months of research and collaboration by industry stakeholders and the community. The Strategic Plan was facilitated by Chemistry Consulting.

The Strategic Plan’s purpose is to guide tourism development through a set of specific initiatives designed to enhance existing tourism businesses, foster coordination and engagement among stakeholders, and position the tourism sector for growth.

The Plan includes a vision, five main goals and an analysis of strengths and weaknesses. There is also acknowledgement of the need for alignment with other regional planning strategies such as Sport Tourism, BC Marine Highways, Successful Cities, the Regional Parks & Trails Plan and the recent City of Nanaimo Corporate Strategic Plan.

At the heart of the Plan are six Strategic Priorities & Actions including product development, industry partnerships, marketing & public relations and community pride.

“This plan is the next step in moving the tourism industry in our region forward,” says Dan Brady, Chair of the TLC. “We are ready to put this strategy into action.”

While key tasks and actions are outlined in the plan, details on implementation will be determined by the Tourism Leadership Committee over the next few weeks. A Marketing Plan to complement the Strategy is also currently in development.

Sasha Angus, CEO of NEDC, says, “We’re very proud of the work done by the Tourism Leadership Committee, to bring a strong and realistic plan forward to the community.”

Tourism Nanaimo is a division of the Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation whose mission is to build a prosperous community through economic opportunity.


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  1. i have been in the tourist and hospitality business for 48 years, having worked locally in Victoria, Qualicum Beach, Parksville, and Sidney, all in the position of Head Chef, General Manager or as owner. Other places of note which i have work are Vancouver, Lake Louise, Banff, Calgary, Regina and Toronto. I have also held active positions and membership in Local Chambers of commerce, Academy of Chef de Cuisine, Lions Clubs. This may look like a resume, but it's not, it is a partial list of my endevours, to show that i know of what i speak. It has been my experience that a city to attract tourists, needs is to have attractions. I can think of only three, one operating at its potential, the other two, need help, the one is the Bungy Zone, the other two are The Nanaimo Water Front, which you are about to give away, and the other is the Colliery Dam Park which you are preparing to destroy. The water front is a no brainer, private enterprise will take care of that, but the dams would take a bit more consideration. I see it as a Ecological Reserve, a biological example, of both forest and marine, of the restorative power of mother nature, unfortunately, alot of the examples have been destroyed by the clearing of alot of the undergrowth, and over zealous pruning of the trees, but, it may not be to late. Locally, an example of the drawing power of such a park is Cathedral Grove, even after most of its largest tree were destroy, it attract hundred of people every day, and its offering are no where near what the Harewood Dams are. Other attractions that have worked are the bath tub race, which needs a change of venue, somewhere that accommodates spectators, on the course, not only at the finish line, the fall fair, concerts, indoor and out doors, the dam is a natural ampha-theatre, i use to practice on my trumpet there, the sound was incredible, lease all that vacant unused land from the DoD, on the lakes rd, for dog trials and competitions, horse trails could criss cross Mt. Benson. The facilities and opportunities abound in Nanaimo, what is needed is not more accommodations or food service outlets, but people with ideas and the where with all to make them work. What is not needed is corporations and committees, formed at the behest of our city council and city staff, we have all seen how well that works, as my mother used to say, Mind your own knitting, tend to your own business. thats what i think and i'm sticking to it. If this Chemistry Consulting firm has credentials, i would like to see them, sounds like a generically modified foods company to me, I've become very skeptical of anyone the city hires as consultants, and it's beyond me, why.


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