Saturday, February 16, 2013

Would Nanaimo Harbour Authority Close Harbour?

Would The Harbour Be Closing Down
If A Private Company Had Not Come Along?

There are some serious questions coming to light recently about the decision to lease the inner harbour for thirty years to a private company who don't seem to actually be in the marina business anywhere else.

If some of what follows is not precisely accurate I invite anyone to correct me.

According to Mr. Dumas the idea to engage a private company to upgrade the docks in the inner harbour did not originate with the NPA but rather the private entrepreneurs had been in town looking into building a hotel and later approached the NPA with a deal which was so sweet there was no need to consider alternatives.

Question: since the NPA had not initiated this business arrangement, and one of the reasons for inking the deal was due to the lack of funds to repair the failing docks, what would have happened if the private company had not come forward? Since we still don't have the deal finalized with the new operators and at least one dock has been closed as unsafe, how much longer before the rest of the docks would be closed for lack of funds to repair them?

Is there any authority higher than the NPA who could be called upon to assess the competency of the management of this facility this past decade?


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