Tuesday, March 12, 2013

City Engaged In Legalized Robbery?

"Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery." Calvin Coolidge

City Hall Calls It 'Surplus Allocation'
In Fact It Is The Proceeds Of 'Over Taxation'

A item on city council's agenda for March 11 which passed with barely any council input was titled 2012 Surplus Allocation. Under this item it is revealed that in 2012 city hall collected $2,500,000 more in taxation than what was expended. This created a surplus which represents an amount equal to a 2.7% tax increase.

So, did your elected council do the right thing and apply these tax dollars to your tax bill this year? Of course not, in usual fashion they gladly reached into your pocket, took out those funds and put them in a sock under someone's bed at city hall.

These ill-gotten funds will be dipped into the next time city hall wants to spend your money without having to ask your permission.

How Can You Take Mayor Ruttan Seriously?

When asked to hold the line on taxes, Mayor Ruttan will ask 'which services would you like us to reduce' as if that is the only way he can think of to reduce the tax burden foisted on Nanaimo taxpayers.

Well Mayor Ruttan, here is a golden opportunity to give some credibility to your question and without cutting services, apply the proceeds of over taxation to reducing this year's tax increase.

Want to bet he will do it? Don't hold your breath.


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