Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Obviously City Council Does Not Run Nanaimo

Is City Staff Defying City Council??

This latest turn in the on going Colliery Dams saga just keeps getting more unbelievable all the time. According to Chief Doug White III the city staff have not been following the directive given as a result of a motion passed by city council on July 8.

Does City Staff Fear The Outcome?

Could it be possible that the city staff responsible for this whole dam debacle are afraid that a full review of the options to their desire to remove the dams could reveal that they have not made the right decision in the first place.? 

Expect This Council To Just Roll Over 

Given the performance of city council over the past two terms, you can't expect them to do anything but whatever city staff tells them to do. As policy makers they are pretty much impotent and clearly they have no respect from city staff, who have obviously been steering this dam decision for years. 



  1. So much for the Brennons, and the integrity and Honor of our City Hall and our illustrious Mayor. If they are smart, they won't bother to pack.

  2. This is not new news. But it certainly has become more obvious and in our face. How does this get reversed? What can be put in place to not allow this to happen in the future? It is not enough to rely on voting as we all know, we often do not have enough knowledge of the candidates when we vote for that to work well. Council members often do not have enough knowledge to understand the issues properly and rely on staff for their information. So given that many council members will not have the skill background for many issues, what happens when staff deliberately use this lack of knowledge to control the decisions that council make to suit their own agenda? What can we change to see this doesn't happen in the future?


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