Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Snowbirds - Packs Them In Downtown

The 45 minute airshow put on by Canadas' precision flying team likely produces more of a crowd downtown than any other summer event so far.

I was sure I would beat the traffic by heading downtown at 4:30 pm for the 6:00 pm show but it took me six lights to get over the Pearson bridge and even then Maffeo Sutton Park parking lot was full. There was no trouble parking downtown at the conference centre (might be another story when the new hotel snags all the parking...... Mayor and Council), but even then it too was filling up fast.

I scoped out a spot near the railing on Pioneer Plaza and at that time had pretty much the whole area to myself. Not for long, as the above photo shows.

After the show the traffic lights at Pearson bridge were being replaced by a couple of policemen who were directing traffic, something lights just can't do as well as real live people.

Long story short, going into downtown at 4:30 and leaving downtown at 7:00 reminded me a lot about what rush hour back in Toronto was all about, and reminded me why living here is a whole lot easier on the nerves.


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