Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Caledonia Field Draws Criticism

Taxpayers Need To Step Up Or Risk Losing Raiders

Click on the above image to view the CTV news clip about the poor conditions at Caledonia Park that could threaten the future of the VI Raiders.

The entrance to this park recently saw Milner Group widen the sidewalk and increase a retaining wall for $132,000, but the real issues seem to be inside the fence where poor changing facilities, run down bleachers, broken scoreboard and poor field drainage are the source of league wide embarrassment.

Councillors Bestwick and McKay apparently would like to see city funds directed to improving this venue, neither have said where these funds would come from.

As far as community support is concerned the team seems to enjoy strong fan support anytime there is a home game. What the team currently pays the city for the use of the field was not discussed in the CTV clip but a joint financial effort between the Raiders and the city is briefly discussed without going into much detail.


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