Monday, August 26, 2013

Caledonia Park - The Plot Thickens?

Who Is Responsible For Upkeep?

You may recall recently that city councillors Bestwick and McKay were expressing their concern that a football club of the stature of the V.I. Raiders had to play in such a run down facility.

Poor field conditions, poor bleachers, a shortage of change rooms and a shortage of washrooms were all given as reasons the Raiders had been told by their league they would not be able to host a championship game if conditions in Nanaimo don't improve.

Senior city staffer Mr. Ritchie was quoted as saying improvements to the field could run in the $3 - $4 million range and pointed out the Raiders play 6 - 8 home games per season.

On Aug. 24, a letter to the editor from Jamie Brennan in the local Daily points out that the school district owns Caledonia Park and Rotary Bowl. The Raiders using Rotary Bowl rather than Caledonia has been an option floated if they indeed need a better stadium to play from.

You might think, that in a fairly small city the local political leaders can figure out how the Raiders could use the Rotary Bowl field for their home games rather than having to throw a few more millions into Caledonia Park. However, that seems to require co-operation between the city, the school district, the track and field club and the Raiders.

Observers of the local scene will recognize that getting four different groups in Nanaimo to get along is very much like herding cats.


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