Thursday, August 29, 2013

Media Takes Aim At Firefighters Gravy Train

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Everyone Loves The Firemen

It had to happen sooner or later, the mainstream media has finally got some backbone and taken a run at the National Sacred Cow aka the Professional Firefighters, who have been quietly feathering their nest for years, pretty much off the radar because of their near sacred status.

I highly suggest you read, first the article by Globe and Mail writer Margaret Wente and then the local story in the Daily written by Spencer Anderson and Ben Ingram.

You may remember earlier this year in response to a request made by Councilor Greves, council heard a one hour report on the state of affairs in the local fire department. It clearly pointed to ways of bringing the out of control firefighting budget in line. I believe it stated that firefighters are actually 'working' less than 50% of the time they are on shift, and less than 5% of their time is spent dealing with fires.

The report as I recall was not well received by Councillor Greves who as a retired professional firefighter, and local union rep was hearing information he simply didn't agree with. That report seems to have been thrown under the bus but hopefully it will return as we begin another round of financial plans for the city.

The city firefighters as I recall refused a wage increase offer from the city which, if they had accepted it would have meant they receive nearly a 20% increase in five years. For some cockamamie idea they seem to feel they need to be paid the same as their Vancouver counterparts.

Firefighters spend most of their time trying to beat the paramedics to a medical call or tending to minor motor vehicle accidents. They spend a very small percentage of their time racing into burning buildings.


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