Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nanaimo Daily Still Doing Citys 'Spinning'?

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City Manager & Mayor Deny Instructing VICC
To Provide Security Officers

In another stellar example of how the Dailys' cub reporter seems to take his copy directly from a press release, todays' headline turns misinformation into 'news'? In fact the 'news' value of the story to make the front page, was real news about two months ago.

If you listen to the above video you will see Mr. Fred Taylor inquire about the presence of a uniformed security guard that was stationed at the council meeting last Monday night.

Both the city manager and the mayor deny the city has any involvement with the assigning of the guard and say it is entirely up to the VICC management.

That is the story! Apparently neither the city manager or mayor know that security has been requested by the city since the Colliery Dam subject increased the temperature at what used to be mind-numbing council meetings.

The front page 'story' of the Daily today goes on to say, that the security is made necessary because of safety concerns when the Colliery Dam is on the agenda. Well, I was at the council meeting this Monday, and the place was pretty much back to it's usual mind-numbing level and Colliery Dam was not on the agenda, and there was one person there associated with the Colliery Dam society.

This is yet another example of how the city will waste your tax dollars on imagined 'safety' issues.

If there truly was a need to protect members of council, my money would be on Kipp, Greves and Bestwick being able to provide far more real security than the 'guard' I saw the other night. Down with the sticks, off with the gloves ........ go get 'em boys!

It seems the city has been peddling the 'safety paranoia' surrounding Colliery Dam ponds, for so long now they have become afraid of their own shadows. All at a time, the Daily couldn't dig up a current piece of news to grace their front page.



  1. Either the mayor and city manager don't know what is going on, or they were being deceitful. Neither option builds the trust, they have pretty well trashed over the past few months.

  2. Is being deceitful the same as outright lying? I would suggest that Security Guards and RCMP are more needed at in Camera meetings and at any interactions between council and staff since according to the latest consultants report that is where all the real action happens. On the other hand maybe these protection people are at the council meetings to protect the public from these hotheads!

  3. You're absolutely right Jim. The lead - MAYOR AND CITY MANAGER LIE. The reporter missed the real and very juicy story. The Daily script does read like a release and one that is old - several months old. Spence should have came up with this story on his own the first time the security guard showed up. He just needed to be observant and see a guard was now at council. A story then, a bigger but more shocking story now thanks to Ruttan and Kenning's response Monday.

  4. Whether the Mayor and city manager were actually lying is not an unreasonable conclusion, however even if that were not the case, it would mean that the two highest ranking officials at city hall were unaware of security measures being called for by the city.
    Is not knowing what is going on as bad or worse than lying? Not for me to say.


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