Sunday, October 27, 2013

Are These Really Telus Employees?

Third Time A Charm??

Without going into a whole lot of boring details over the past two months I have come to wonder if talking parrots aren't actually fielding customer service calls at Telus.

I had accumulated a surplus in my prepaid phone account which required me to make some changes to the way my account was set up.

On three different occasions now, I have spoken with three different Telus reps (I thought were real people) who assured me the necessary changes had been made.

Long story short ---- the changes were not made. After another 15 minutes listening to delightful Telus music and messages encouraging me to take care of the problem myself by going online; I am once again told the changes have been made.

We will see if the third time is in fact a charm and if in fact this time I was talking with someone who was not simply parroting a message, but not really doing anything.


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