Friday, October 11, 2013

Beware Beaver Traps In Linley Valley

Traps Set Near Beaver Dam - Linley Valley

An article in the Bulletin raises cause for concern if you are in the habit of hiking in the Linley Valley area.

The article reports that a couple of hikers came across at least six of the traps last Sunday afternoon while hiking with their dog in the area.

According to Conservation Office authorities the traps were legally set, and on private land with full knowledge of the city of Nanaimo, and that the trapper had all required permits. The traps are not live traps designed to re-locate the beaver, but are Conibear-style designed traps which are a killing trap. The traps are of sufficient size to pose a significant risk to both pets and people.

Apparently there are no signs posted in the area stating it is private property, nor warning of the traps which are set. Criminal code charges of negligence causing injury could be recommended if humans are inured by traps.


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