Sunday, October 20, 2013

Councillor Brennan's Complaint Dismissed

 Committee decides Councillor Brennan did turn her back

Councillor Brennan had filed a complaint with the B.C. Press Council seeking a retraction to a claim in a Daily News editorial.

The editorial had claimed that Brennan had turned her back on speakers addressing council during the Colliery dams debate.

The Press Council decided against forwarding her complaint to adjudication finding that a review of written submissions, and video of the Council meeting showed that she had turned her back on a speaker delegation. The decision of the council was unanimous.



  1. I motion that Brennan now resign from council and any further public appearances. Brennan believes she can huff and puff and intimidate anyone to back down from her no matter what the facts are. Finally she has been knocked in her place. If she does not resign then voters must remove her from her council seat and definitely keep refusing her from sitting in the mayor's chair.

  2. So now what? Nothing. If I disrespect a client at work or am dismissive in any way, I can and would be reprimanded or worse. Here? Nada.

    This is typical behavior for those who are in positions where they do not have direct accountability to one person or a small panel of people who have direct authority.

    And that crap about how city officials are accountable to it's citizens...if that's the case, how is Brennan able to turn her back on one of it's own? Should she not hold herself accountable and apologize or resign? I assume neither.


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