Thursday, October 24, 2013

Downtown Nanaimo Parking - Adequate??

Can Existing Parking Handle Anticipated G R O W T H?

It would seem that perhaps, just maybe, Nanaimo's ship is finally about to come in. That is to say the ship of the foot passenger fast ferry variety. That coupled with the much anticipated 4-star hotel adjacent the conference centre and the myriad of exciting opportunities presented by the 27 hectare waterfront property currently occupied by Seaspan and the ICF.

If you ask most people what is one of the real or at least perceived impediments to downtown finally coming into full bloom, you will quite often hear lack of parking mentioned.

The new hotel planned downtown will have first claim to 250 parking spaces under the conference centre as they are not including parking spaces as part of their new hotel plan.

The proposed downtown foot passenger ferry service is looking to acquire approximately 400 parking spaces to accommodate their business.

I have heard it was trouble securing parking, which resulted in the new VIHA building at Terminal Park not being able to be built downtown.

Port Place Mall enforces their 2 hour parking rule unlike many of the mid and north Nanaimo malls with acres and acres of unrestricted free parking.

Parking is already one of those perceived issues standing in the way of downtown growth. It is hoped that our planning departments are looking ahead to the day, when all of this growth in downtown is fully mature and that adequate provision will have been made for getting people into and out of the downtown core.

Do you remember the traffic jams downtown when there are fireworks, or the Snow Birds come to town?


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