Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mine 'Void' Closes Road

Old Mine Shaft Closes Road

In preparation for the installation of a sewer line, the city of Nanaimo works dept. discovered a potentially dangerous void at the intersection of Pine St, Fifth St. and Victoria Road.

It appears the roof of a mine 12 metres below the surface had collapsed and the material under the roadway was slowly shifting into the mine shaft. While the road is in no immediate danger of caving in the city has closed this section of roadway to be safe.

A long term solution will be presented to council which will likely include recommending injecting the material beneath the roadway with a specialized cement product in a process known as jet-grouting. The area in question is too large to simply fill in with loads of rip rap as the mine shaft has the potential of consuming large quantities of material.

It is expected to take several weeks before council approval is obtained and the appropriate equipment can be on site.


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