Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nanaimo Halloween Howl Success

A perfect fall day for Downtown Nanaimo Halloween HOWL
There was a genuine, honest-to-goodness Superman sighting on Commercial St.
Free hot chocolate and coffee warmed hands and fingers
The Queen's Hotel seems to have a serious Arachnid problem.
Once again the folks at the DNBIA were able to prevail upon the weatherman to provide a perfect day for their downtown Halloween Howl on Saturday.

Commercial Street was clogged with all manner of heroes, super heroes, comic book characters, scary and not so scary creatures and did I mention Zombies?

Trick or treaters were everywhere as participating merchants were opting to hand out treats by the handfuls rather than risk a trick. It was a great opportunity to take the kids out in a safe environment to collect some dentist-certified sugar packets, at the same time giving merchants a chance to introduce people to their businesses.

The event turned out to be so successful, that Robyn from the DNBIA was last seen scrambling to find more coffee cups and cream as demand was near exceeding supply.


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