Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Radio Malaspina Society Board Elected

New Board Elected at 2013 AGM

Shaw auditorium in the Vancouver Island Conference Centre was nearly a packed house for the Radio Malaspina Society's annual general meeting. The meeting was very ably chaired by Majorie Stewart.

As AGM's go, this meeting seemed a little lacking. Not the least obvious issue was the lack of properly audited financial statements, which apparently the accountants were not able to complete in time for the meeting. 

Tensions have been running high at the local not-for-profit radio station with apparent conflict having irrupted between the old board and several volunteer programmers. The result of that conflict was clearly on view based on comments coming from the members who were upset with how the station has been running in recent months.

This past year saw a major change with the structure of RMS when they entered into an agreement to rent the Globe Hotel on Front Street with plans to move their existing studio from it's Victoria Crescent location in the Queens Hotel.

The plan was to assume operation of the Hotel which would include a bar, restaurant and rental units on the second floor. This income would help offset the rental cost of approximately $8500 per month and would allow them to expand their broadcast to include live video streaming etc.

New Board Members Elected

The newly elected members from the community were:
  • Gord Bibby
  • Nadine Wiepning
  • Cameron Wigmore
  • Jesse Woodward

The newly elected members from the VIU study body were:
  • Amie Calder
  • Joani Isberg-Herron
  • James Booker
  • Mike McCreight
The new board will have to hit the ground running, as they will have to select their officers, deal with building access issues and other difficulties arising from the recent conflict. Perhaps the most daunting task will be getting on top of the late financial statements.

The general membership strongly recommended that the new board look into a mediation process to resolve the recent conflict that obviously has been quite divisive.


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  1. One can only worry about the financial state of CHLY right now. At $8500/month on top of the $600/month rent, multiplied that by the number of months it's been active, I can only surmise that CHLY is running in the red?

    Obviously hard to tell when financials are not even prepared for the meeting? It reeks of dishonesty. Shameful behaviour.


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