Sunday, October 27, 2013

Port Place Mall Phase 2 Nearly Done

Port Place Mall Phase 2 Nearing Completion
Opportunities for retail and office space in Phase 2 at Port Place
Completed Phase 1 at Port Place, right across from Phase2
The second phase of the Port Place Mall redevelopment looks like it is nearly complete, there are still a few finishing touches on the outside but the building looks nearly ready to occupy.

This redevelopment has certainly improved the appearance of the shopping mecca that used to be known as Harbour Park Mall. Old-timers around town will remember the days when Harbour Park Mall was the place for Saturday morning shopping at the major anchor store 'Sears'. Also situated downtown on Victoria Cres. was Sears arch rival Eatons. Those were the days when Commercial Street really was commercial street. There was no retail north of Brooks Landing, which was then known as Northbrook Mall.

At that time Terminal Park, known as the only outdoor mall in BC consisted of a small strip mall with an Overwaitea store on the site of the government liquor store. There was no building where the Saveon now sits, and the gas bar was home to a Dairy Queen. The land where Burger King now sits was home to a mini golf course if my memory is accurate. Then nothing but open space until you came to the Golden Arches (with caboose) on the same site as the current McDonalds.

I would be curious to know, why this developer was not required to rejuvenate the Italian Fountain at the entrance to this newly redone shopping centre as part of a community contribution. If memory serves council also included approval for a high rise tower on this property to be built sometime in the future.


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