Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christimas Shopping News --- Just In

There are ZERO Shopping Days Til Christmas ......

As I was pondering what might interest Nanaimo Info Blog readers this morning I casually checked my calendar of upcoming events and to my horror I discovered there are no more shopping days after this one............Christmas is coming TOMORROW this year!

Yikes....... calm yourself I says to myself you only have a dozen people to buy for this year, and only a small Christmas dinner to make and only a few cards and wrapping paper to buy...... how long can that take anyway?????

I'm sure the stores will be nearly empty as everyone else knew tomorrow is Christmas and will have completed their shopping by now.  So off I go, into the breach comforted by the fact the stores will be open until 6:00pm giving me the whole day to check off my list............................... now where did I put that list???


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